Australian Human Rights Commission Discussion Paper on Human Rights and Technology. 

The Australian Human Rights Commission is conducting a project on Human Rights and Technology (the Project)

Access to the Discussion PaperHuman Rights and Technology Discussion Paper December 2019

The Australian Human Rights Commission has published a Discussion Paper in PDF and Word that sets out the Commission’s preliminary views, proposals and further questions based on the first phase of consultation

Submissions closed 14 April 2020.

The Commission has now finished receiving written submissions in response to the Discussion Paper. Thank you to those individuals and organisations who contributed their feedback and input.

The Commission will continue to:

  • hold roundtable meetings with industry, civil society, academia and government stakeholders
  • seek the views and experience of people who are particularly affected by new technologies, especially those from at-risk and marginalised groups
  • speak with experts and key decision makers
  • engage with related national and international review processes.

How will my submission be used?

The information collected through the consultation process will be used for the purposes of the Project and may be drawn upon, quoted or referred to in any Project documentation. 

The Commission also intends to publish submissions on the Project website unless you state you do not wish the Commission to do so. Publication by the Commission is at the discretion of the Commission. We may decide not to publish submissions or to remove information in submissions, such as personal information, prior to publication.

We will not publish confidential submissions on our website. We may use material from confidential submissions, such as quotes, case studies or other references in the report produced as a result of the Project. If we do this, we will remove any personal information so that you or other people referred to in your submission cannot be identified.

We will not release confidential submissions to anyone without your consent unless required by law. In the case of a request under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Cth) there are likely to be relevant exemptions to production (including for material obtained in confidence and personal information). We would consult you about any FOI request before any decision was made about releasing information.

The Commission’s submission policy provides further information on the use, publication and access to submissions. The submission policy is located at: